Grapes and Gratification

It all started a long time ago.  And it started with good flavours and the respect for good food and drinks.

This in turn made Norwegian airline pilot Kjetil Jikiun to start Norway’s first real craft brewery in 2002.  His wife Cathie, from Malaysia, did not care that much for craft beer initially, but after years of hard work in the brewery, she also got to respect good craft beer.

To make a long story short: Cathie and Kjetil ended up with some partners who wanted to take their brewery in a new and more industrial direction.  And as if they had let cuckoo chicklets into their nest, these partners started to take over control of their company.

But life is too short for fighting.  Cathie and Kjetil took the leap and identified a new target for their energy and creativity:  The beautiful island of Crete.

In 2015 the company Grapes and Gratification was founded.  But this time without partners.  It was time for their first solo-flight!!!!